“Adrift on their sea of suffering, seated upon their cushions as if on life rafts, the Dhamma Brothers rode out their storms together.”
– Jenny Phillips, Producer/Director/Writer

Howard Zehr

Professor, Sociology and Restorative Justice
Co-director, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University
2006 Community of Christ International Peace Award recipient

“Prisoners sitting together, meditating? For years stories have circulated about prisons in India that were transformed through the use of Vipassana meditative disciplines. Now, in this documentary, you can see how it was implemented here in the US in, of all places, an Alabama prison, resulting in lives that indeed seem changed. This documentary provides a service by introducing this approach to an American audience. It also helps to challenge popular assumptions about prisoners and their ability to change [and] may also help to counter the punitive approach to justice that is prevalent in American attitudes.”