“Adrift on their sea of suffering, seated upon their cushions as if on life rafts, the Dhamma Brothers rode out their storms together.”
– Jenny Phillips, Producer/Director/Writer

Representative John Lewis

U.S. Congressman

“In the Civil Rights Movement, we used the wisdom of India and Mohandas Gandhi, to create a discipline and philosophy of non-violence that would meet the needs of the American landscape. The Dhamma Brothers have taken their own passage to India and discovered a practice of meditation that guides them down their inner path toward freedom. Those of us who accept the philosophy of non-violence believe there is a spark of divinity within all of us. This film makes it plain that no human being—no matter how troubled his beginning, regardless of his race, color, nationality, or creed—should be considered beyond the reach of redemption. No one should be tossed away in a jail cell and forgotten as though their lives mean nothing. This film demonstrates that all some people need—even those we might consider the worst among us—is to be led toward their path to recovery, and when they are restored, their contribution to our society and the world is limitless.”