“Adrift on their sea of suffering, seated upon their cushions as if on life rafts, the Dhamma Brothers rode out their storms together.”
– Jenny Phillips, Producer/Director/Writer

Scott Harshbarger

Former Attorney General of Massachusetts

The Dhamma Brothers is one of the most sensitive expressions of hope, capacity for change, and potential vehicles for institutional health that I have seen in my career in criminal justice. Inmates serving long sentences in one of the country's toughest state prisons experience the liberating effects of the Vipassana meditation program. The filmmakers provide a dramatic example of a safe and healthy correctional environment, not only for the inmates but also for the correction officers and all the people who must work within these institutions. The Dhamma Brothers points to an effective reentry program for even the most serious offenders in our society. Through the film we realize that inmates can accept responsibility for serious crimes, and attempt to engage in personal change even though it will not enable them to be released.”