“Adrift on their sea of suffering, seated upon their cushions as if on life rafts, the Dhamma Brothers rode out their storms together.”
– Jenny Phillips, Producer/Director/Writer

Stephen Bright

President, Southern Center for Human Rights
J. Skelly Wright Fellow, Yale Law School

“I found the film very interesting, in no small part because we hear from inmates at Donaldson all the time and know what a troubled facility it is...The message of the film with regard to the value of the mediation program to the individual inmates as well as the prison is a very important one and was communicated very well. The interviews with the inmates were excellent and certainly brought home Bryan Stevenson's message that a person is much more than the worst thing they ever did. The two leaders of the mediation program were very articulate in describing it and obviously very committed to Vipassana and to the prisoners. It was valuable to see the skepticism regarding to the program of the warden and corrections officers and their later reactions to it...I am very grateful for the opportunity to see the film.”